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Ziploc Snack Bags, 90 Count

Make snacks last with Ziploc brand Snack Bags. They’re perfect for keeping snacks accessible and fresh. Plus, they're the ideal size for dividing snacks into 100-calorie* servings.
  • Ideal for packing cookies, fruits, vegetables, chips and much more
  • Tight and secure seal locks in freshness
  • Convenient size is great for grab-and-go snacking
  • Features our Smart Zip seal



Polyethylene-Low Density (Plastic), Polyethylene-Linear Low Density (Plastic), Polypropylene (Plastic), Viton Free Flow™ z200 (Plastic), PE Color Conc Blue 1635C PEC (Dye), HYDRO Film Dow Fast Dry EH 70388 White(Ink)

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