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YoCrunch Lowfat Vanilla with OREO and M&Ms Variety Pack Yogurt 4 Oz. Cups 8 Count

by Walmart
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4 cups, YoCrunch, milk chocolate, M&M's brand, chocolate, vanilla wither other natural flavors.n4 cups, YoCrunch, Oreo, cookie pieces, cookies 'n cream with other natural flavors.nGreat taste of vanilla yogurt.nTwo of your favorite toppings in one pack!nGood source of calcium & vitamin D*.nGreat as a snack on the go!n*Refers to yogurt.nCookies 'n cream lowfat yogurt with other natural flavors and Oreo cookie pieces:nContains active yogurt cultures including L. Acidophilus and Bifidus.nYogurt made with milk from cows not treated with rBST*.n*The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown and no test can now distinguish milk from rBST treated and untreated cows.nGrade A.nGreat yogurt, Real Fun!.nVanilla Lowfat Yogurt with other natural flavors and M&M's minis chocolate candies:nContains active yogurt cultures including L. Acidophilus and Bifidus.nCall 1-866-YOCRUNCH.nVisit and the dried wafer design are registered trademarks of Mondelez International Group, used under license.n / M&M'S, the M&M's Characters and the letter M are registered trademarks of Mars, Inc. ©Mars, Inc. used under license.

Make snack time fun with YoCrunch Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt with OREO and M&Ms. This lowfat yogurt is deliciously smooth and creamy--and best of all, it comes with OREO pieces and M&Ms topping, so you can add a fun crunch to every bite. YoCrunch puts snack time in your control: you can sprinkle just the amount of toppings you want, save them for last, or mix everything together for maximum crunch. Either way, YoCrunch is a perfectly portioned, off-the-charts yummy, anytime treat your entire family will love.

YoCrunch Lowfat Vanilla with OREO and M&Ms Variety Pack Yogurt, 4 Oz. Cups, 8 Count: