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Wonderful Pistachios No Shells Chili Roasted Resealable Pouch 11 Oz

by Walmart
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No Shell Pistachios Chili Roasted No Shell Pistachios Chili Roasted.

One 11 Ounce Bag of our Chili Roasted Wonderful Pistachios with No Shells Wonderful Pistachios are a smart, healthy choice for folks around the world. Located in California™s fertile San Joaquin Valley, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds owns, cultivates and harvests more than 75,000 acres of pistachio and almond orchards, and delivers pounds of nuts globally each year. The warm days and cool nights work in harmony with the region™s natural soils to create the perfect growing climate. We then carefully tend and harvest each pistachio using the latest in sustainable practices.