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Philips Wouwerman Whole Organic Brown Mushrooms, 8 Oz

SKU 10321133
by Walmart
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Brand: Philips Wouwerman

Experience the fresh taste of our Whole Organic Brown Mushrooms. Brown Mushrooms give you that same earthy taste you love about mushrooms but take it up a notch with their firm, meaty texture. Similar in size and shape to white mushrooms, Brown mushrooms are hardier and provide a deeper earthy taste. They're the same portabella mushrooms you've enjoyed before - they've just been harvested a few days earlier before becoming those large caps you've seen in vegetarian and vegan cuisines. With their hearty, full-bodied taste, brown mushrooms are an excellent addition to beef, wild game, and vegetable dishes. Plus, these whole brown mushrooms are certified USDA Organic, making them a wholesome addition to your diet. For a natural ingredient that will bring a marvelous taste and texture to your meal, be sure to try out our Whole Organic Brown Mushrooms.

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