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Vlasic Kosher Dill Pickles Dill Baby Whole Pickles 24 Oz Jar

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by Walmart
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Brand: Vlasic

Vlasic Kosher Dill Baby Whole Pickles deliver a delicious crunchy and classic dill flavor. All ingredients, along with the Vlasic secret pickling recipe, make these baby Kosher dill pickles one-of-a-kind. These whole dill pickles contain 0 calories per serving. Snack-sized baby dill pickles are ideal for serving at picnics and parties. Enjoy the baby pickles alongside sandwiches, top fresh salads or eat them straight from the jar as a satisfying snack. Vlasic snack pickles are packed in a 24 fluid ounce resealable jar to keep them crunchy and lock in flavor. Vlasic offers over several flavors and sizes of pickles, peppers and relish. Keto friendly: 1g net carbs (1g total carbs minus 0g dietary fiber), and 0g added sugar per serving.

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