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V8 Strawberry Banana 46 Oz

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by Walmart
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Brand: V8

V8 Blends Strawberry Banana Juice is the easy choice for plant based goodness. Formerly known as V8 V-Fusion juice, this fruit drink combines hints of sweetly tart strawberry and creamy banana with a blend of 100% fruit and vegetable juice to help you boost your morning nutrition. Gluten free, Non-GMO V8 Blend gives you the nutrition of vegetables blended with just the right amount of vegetable and fruit juice for a light, sweet taste made without added sugars*, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. This vegetable and fruit juice is crafted using the juices of 3 pounds of fruits and vegetables per bottle, and each 8 fl oz serving contains one serving of vegetables and one serving of fruit. An excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C, this V8 fruit and vegetable juice is an easy way to get the plant-powered boost you need. Enjoy this V8 juice as part of a well-balanced breakfast to fuel you to start your day, or drink it post workout.In addition to Strawberry Banana, V8 Blends is also available in other delicious varieties, including Acai Mixed Berry, Peach Mango and Pineapple Passion.*Not a low calorie food- see nutrition panel for sugar and calorie content

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