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TWIX Ice Cream Bars With Vanilla Ice Cream, 11.58 fl oz, 6 Count

by Walmart
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Enjoy the tasty combination of creamy vanilla flavored ice cream, gooey caramel and the great cookie crunch of Twix bars covered in a rich, delicious chocolatey coating.Now that's a Twix ice cream bar.What's inside... per bar.Calories 170, 9% DV.Total fat 10g, 15% DV.Sat. fat 7g, 35% DV.Sugars 15g, *.Sodium 50mg, 2% DV.GDA's are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. To learn more visit*No DV defined.Snickers, brand, ice cream bars, 6 bars.MilkyWay, brand, ice cream bars, 6 bars.Also try Snicker brand & Milky Way brand ice cream.We value your questions or comments. Call 1-800-551-0895. Please save the empty carton./TM trademarks.‚©Mars, Incorporated.

Everyone's favorite cookie bar is ready to chill. TWIX Ice Cream Bars are made with rich, creamy vanilla ice cream layered with smooth caramel and crunchy cookie to give you just the right combination of chocolate, ice cream and crunchy deliciousness. These individually wrapped TWIX Candy Bar Ice Cream Novelties are great for birthday parties, summer picnics and sharing with friends. There's no wrong way to enjoy the iconic taste of TWIX Candy Ice Cream Bars. Also try SNICKERS, MILKY WAY and M&M's Ice Cream Bars to get a taste of all of your favorite chocolate brands in ice cream.