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Truvia Naturally Sweet Calorie-free Sweetener from the Stevia Leaf Packets, 40-Count (2.82 oz Carton)

by Walmart
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Everything™S Sweeter With Truvia Natural Sweetener Packets. Made From The Best-Tasting Parts Of The Stevia Leaf, It Tastes Satisfyingly Sweet And Delivers The Promise Of Zero-Calories. Truvia Natural Sweetener Can Help Support A Low-Carb Or Reduced-Calorie Diet When Used On Fruit Or In Your Favorite Drinks. And Unlike Other Stevia Products On The Market, It'S Great-Tasting Every Time. So Sweeten All You Like With The Benefits Of A Great-Tasting Calorie-Free Sweetener. Truvia Natural Sweetener Is Ready To Make Your Morning Pick-Me-Up, Afternoon Beverage Or Post-Dinner Cocktail Sweet And Delicious.