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Trident Sugar Free Gum Mint Bliss Flavor 3 Packs (42 Pieces Total)

SKU 293475096
by Walmart
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Brand: Trident

Chew On This - Trident is a refreshing pick-me-up for your mouth. Sugarless with 30% fewer calories than sugared gum, it makes for a feel-good chewing experience. This gum is also sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps fight plaque and protects against tooth decay with long-lasting flavor. - Unapologetically Flavorful - Freshen your breath (and care for your mouth) with flavor you can taste and feel. Trident Sugar Free Gum comes in cool long-lasting flavors that give you close-up confidence. Add this gum to care packages, gift baskets, goodie bags, and party favors, or keep a pack on-hand for an instant flavor refresh. - Add this package of Trident Mint Bliss Flavor Sugar Free Gum to your cart for fresher breath and smiles.

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