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Torani Sugar Free Classic Caramel Syrup, Zero Calorie, Authentic Coffeehouse Syrup, 12.7 oz

by Walmart
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$5.04 - $5.04
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Torani Flavoring Syrup: This product is an amazing fit if you are searching for a healthy syrup. This product contains 0 calories, 0g grams of fat, 0g grams of protein, and 1g grams of carbs per serving. This product contains no ingredients that some research suggests you should avoid. This product has 23 ingredients (in our experience: the fewer ingredients, the better!) Depending on your store and location, this product usually costs roughly $1.99, which comes out to $0 per serving.

Torani Sugar Free Caramel Syrup has the authentic coffeehouse flavor you are looking for. This low calorie syrup, sweetened with sucralose, will make your brewed coffees, cold brews, cocktails, or protein shakes and more full of flavor, without the calories.