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Tomcat Mouse Killer Child And Dog Resistant Refillable Station, 1 Station With 16 Baits

by Walmart
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Tomcat® Mouse Killer Child Resistant, Refillable Station effectively kills up to 12 mice* with one bait block while providing effective station security. Resistant to tampering by children, the disposable station gives mice easy access to bait and keeps fingers out. The station was built with a clear lid for easy bait monitoring. This efficiently reliable bait station can be used indoors. For the best results, place the Tomcat® Mouse Killer Child Resistant, Refillable Station where rodents travel, usually within a 10- to 30-ft. area between their nest and the food source. Mice will eat just a small amount of bait and leave the station. You should maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for at least 15 days or until there are no longer fresh signs of house mouse activity in the infested areas. Each package contains 1 station and 16, 1-oz. bait block refills. *Based on no-choice laboratory testing.