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Tomatoes On The Vine Per Lb

SKU 44390955
by Walmart
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Brand: Fresh Produce

Keep your recipes simple and classic with fresh tomatoes on the vine. With their vibrant red color, firm and juicy flesh, and unmistakably delicious flavor, this fresh produce item is sure to impress more than just your taste buds. You can slice them up to garnish a sandwich or burger for added flavor and texture, dice them up to create a pizza or pasta topping, crush them up to make a decadent bruschetta or sauce, or finely blend them to create your own personalized salsa. The list is endless! Plus, they come right to your kitchen still on the vine that they grew on, meaning that their mouthwatering taste and freshness will be long-lasting for your culinary convenience. Stock up on Walmart's Tomatoes On The Vine and keep your dishes looking great and tasting equally as excellent.

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