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Tide Purclean Laundry Detergent eco-box, 68 loads 105 fl oz

by Walmart
Tide purclean unscented plant-based liquid laundry detergent with the trusted cleaning power of Tide. Manufactured at a site that uses 100% renewable wind power electricity and sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill, this eco-friendly detergent offers a simple way to integrate more sustainable choices into your everyday laundry routine without compromising on cleaning performance. With 4x the cleaning power*, Tide purclean delivers outstanding stain removal, even in energy-saving cold water and quick wash cycle. Additionally, it comes free of dyes, chlorine and phosphates, and is formulated so as to replace most of the non-renewable active ingredients with their plant-based alternatives. Thanks to Tide purclean liquid detergent, you finally get the plant-based power that actually cleans! *1 dose of Tide purclean vs. 4 doses of leading natural detergent


Plant-Based Cleaning Agents (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; C12-16 Pareth; C10-16 Alkyldimethylamine Oxide), Plant-Based Stabilizers (Propylene Glycol; Alcohol), Plant-Based Suds Reducer (Sodium Salts of C12-18 Fatty Acids), Plant-Based Water Softener (Sodium Citrate), Plant-Based Enzymes (Subtilisin; Amylase Enzyme), Mineral-Based Stabilizer (Sodium Borate), Cleaning Aids (Polyethyleneimine Ethoxylate; Polyethyleneimine, Alkoxylated), Fragrances, Water