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Tic Tac Orange Candy Mints, 3.4 oz, Bottle Pack

by Walmart
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In the car. At the office. At home. To share. For me. ‚©Ferrero.

Orange-flavored Tic Tac Mints are long-lasting, sugar free hard candy mints. They™re refreshingly sweet and available in a portable and convenient pack “ easy to open and great for on-the-go when you need long-lasting refreshment for your mouth throughout the day. Coffee breath? Mints can save the day. Need a mid-day refresher? Just pop in a Tic Tac candy or two. You can even enjoy Tic Tacs at snack time. Whether you™re looking for coffee thin mints or breath mints for dentures, we™ve got you covered. Shop Walmart for more options, like Tic Tac tropical gum and freshmint gum.