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Tic Tac Fruit Adventure Candy Mints, 3.4 oz Bottle Packs

by Walmart
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For me. ‚©Ferrero.

Tic Tac Fruit Adventure Mints are long-lasting, sugar free hard candy mints. The blend of tropical fruit and mint flavors make these an enjoyable Tic Tac snack. After all, what better way to end a meal than with a refreshing fruit snack? They also make great coffee breath mints and dessert mints. Plus, they™re available in a portable and convenient pack “ easy to open and great for on-the-go when you need long-lasting refreshment for your mouth throughout the day. Stock up on more Tic Tac fruit and mint flavors today, so you never run out of coffee mints or dessert mints when you need them the most.