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The Happy Egg Co. Organic Large Grade A Eggs, 12 Count


The Happiest Hens and Therefore the Best Eggs Possible...Get to Know The Happy Egg Company

We cared for our hens like family long before free-range came into fashion. Our flocks are well fed and free as, well—birds—on 8 acres of open land. Happy, healthy and loved. That goes for your family, too.

Our Organic Free Range come from free range hens raised with love on small, certified organic, family farms with expansive, tree-lined pastures in the heartland of America in Missouri and Arkansas.

  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR, LUSCIOUS COLOR: The creamy amber yolks and bright fluffy whites of Organic Happy Eggs come from our premium hen breeds and the intense quality control on our farms.
  • FOR YOUR HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL RECIPES: The protein-packed power of fresh, organic eggs from Happy Egg turn beautiful in any egg recipe or dish, from sunny-side-up or over-easy breakfast eggs, to egg salads, to rancho huevos and so much more.
  • FROM THE FARM-FRESH HEARTLAND: Organic eggs from Happy Egg come from free range hens raised with love on small family farms in Missouri and Arkansas with expansive, tree-lined pastures.
  • HAPPY HENS = BETTER EGGS: Because they're free range, our hens get more space, access to fresh water, and time outdoors to perch, dust-bathe, eat worms & insects, play, and socialize - that all leads to healthier birds and healthier eggs for you.
  • COMPLETELY USDA-CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our farms meet all USDA standards for Organic: Three years pesticide/herbicide-free, and no hormones or antibiotics. And our proprietary, nutrient-rich feed is from farms that are certified USDA Organic!

  • Free-est of the Free Range
  • American Humane Certified

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