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Spend $50, Get S'more! Add these smore items to your order for FREE when you spend $50+

TAZO Mixology Herbal Tea Concentrate Berry Hibiscus Margarita, 32 oz

by Walmart
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TAZO Mixology Tea concentrates, inspired by your favorite handcrafted cocktails, let you craft delicious cocktails or mocktail drinks in seconds. Bursting with juicy strawberry flavor and hints of hibiscus and orange, every sip of this Berry Hibiscus Margarita concentrate is a celebration. Enjoy this imaginative blend on its own or mix with your favorite alcohol for a delicious cocktail experience. Simply add water, seltzer, or your favorite alcohol and serve over ice for a refreshing taste. Our newest mixology tea innovations are infused with flavorful botanicals, herbs, and teas, allowing tea lovers to trade sugary mixers for a more natural option. If you like the taste of green tea”you™ll love the Tazo Mixology Ginger Lime Moscow Mule, with the bright flavors of lime, ginger, and tamarind for a touch of sweetness. Here at TAZO, we've got a good thing brewing. We're on a quest to be the most unexpected teamakers. We're always curious. Always questioning. What's this flavor? What's that aroma? We love to dive in and stir things up. We're half curious kid, half intrepid explorer, half undaunted alchemist. Yes”one and a half. That spirit? We bring it to tea. We do it through unexpected blends with a twist so you can taste the vibrant undiscovered flavored teas the world has stashed away.