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Spend $50, Get S'more! Add these smore items to your order for FREE when you spend $50+

Tazo, Energize, Green Tea Bags, 1.41 oz, 20 Tea Bags

by Walmart
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That midday slump feeling like a mountain you just can't get over? We hear you. The invigorating taste of bright green tea, get-up-and-go guarana and a spicy kick of ginseng is like finding that secret, way easier path only the locals know about. Now, go check out that view from the top. Each bag is masterfully blended to maximize flavor and harness the potential of all natural ingredients like chamomile, chicory root, orange peel and other aromas. Every sip is full of flavor, so that you can savor each cup from start to finish ” and feel like you're taking a moment just for you. A cup of tea to start the day or during a well-deserved break can help you reset and give you the energy you need to accomplish everything you set out to do. Tazo teas encourage you to brew the most out of life. As a brand, we share your desire to get the most flavor out of life, whether it's scaling the Andes or sleeping under the stars. We also know that to truly be able to savor it all, you need balance ” moments of rest and moments of charge. That harmony can be hard to find, which is why we crafted Energy and Dream, a power couple of perfectly complementing blends to invigorate or unwind depending on your day. So sip up, day or night, and go brew the most out of life.