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Sweet Potatoes, 3 lb Bag


Create something wholesome and delicious with these Sweet Potatoes. These versatile vegetables can be used to make savory sides or sweet treats. Try them roasted or baked for a tasty addition to any dish. You could also use them to make seasoned sweet potato fries or a flavorful hummus dip for your next party. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, try them in a traditional sweet potato casserole or use them to make sweet potato and brown sugar ice cream. The mouthwatering possibilities are endless with this hearty vegetable. Add something amazing to your meals with Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes, 3 lb Bag:
  • Wholesome & delicious
  • Ideal ingredient for a variety of dishes
  • Make seasoned sweet potato fries or a flavorful hummus dip
  • Use them for a sweet potato casserole or sweet potato & brown sugar ice cream
  • Versatile & hearty


Sweet Potato, Raw, Unprepared

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