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Suave Roll-On Deodorant Powder, 2.7 Oz.

by Walmart
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24 Hour Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.

Suave Powder 24-Hour Protection Roll-on protects skin against wetness all day long. Suave's roll-on format is perfect for active people, and will work to keep you dry and odorless all day. This deodorant for women will fight against sweat to prevent any unsightly sweat patches. When you're looking for a strong deodorant, it's best to look for one that will provide a sweat block, while at the same time making you smell fresh. It's also important to find a product that won't stain your clothes or leave any residue on your skin. You can protect your clothes with this Suave deodorant, which is in a mess-free roll-on that glides on quickly and easily. The roll-on format will not leave any residue or telling white marks on your clothes. The Suave Anti-Perspirant Deodorant works best when used with other products in the Suave range. Experiment with different deodorant scents, and try Everlasting Sunshine, Tropical Paradise or the Coconut Kiss option. Try Suave Professionals body and personal wash for an extra clean feeling. Experience quality protection with strong deodorant, and feel clean and refreshed when you use the body wash and shampoo and conditioner products available in the Suave range. Enjoy lasting freshness with Suave everyday.