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Stauffer's Animal Snack Crackers, 32 Oz.

by Walmart
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Thinking about having some food product today? Stauffer's Animal Crackers is one option; let's take a closer look. We recommend choosing products with short ingredient lists, as these tend to be less processed. This product has 48 ingredients. One serving of this product provides 120 calories, 2g grams of fat, 2g grams of protein, and 25g grams of carbs. This product contains 2 ingredients that some research suggests could be harmful, including . This product is also rather cheap. It usually costs around $2.48, depending on the store and your location.

Enjoy snacking on Stauffer's Animal Crackers. They come in a 32-oz bag that can be shared with others or saved for later. Each bag has 450 animal-shaped crackers. They range from farm animals like sheep, to exotic animals like lions. These low-fat animal crackers have no saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol, making them a smarter snack option. They also meet Kosher standards. You can pack them in school lunches, take them to work or share them at sporting events. Each cracker fits in the palm of your hand. They can be used to teach children about animals and used as a reward for good behavior. It can also be put on top of ice cream and other sweet treats. Kids and adults can savor the crunchiness and fun of these cholesterol-free crackers.