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Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, Garlic Parmesan, 7.2 oz Bag

by Walmart
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0g trans fat. 0g saturated fat. 0mg cholesterol. 110 calories. Crunch'em. Crack'em. Dip'em. Stack'em . Pretzel Crisps are a modern twist on an old favorite. They're the best part of the pretzel-all the flavor and crunch you love-but lighter, crispier and more versatile than ever before. Whether you like them plain, dipped, or paired with your favorite toppings, we're sure you'll enjoy this wholesome snack as much as we do. One bite and you'll Rethink Your Pretzel! -Warren and Sara Wilson. Rethink your pretzel now. Crackers and bag designs. Snack Factory, Pretzel Crisps, Rethink your Pretzel!, and cracker designs are trademarks of Princeton Vanguard LLC. (888) 683-5400. ‚©2004-2011. All rights reserved.

Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps are a zingy twist on an old favorite, with great gourmet taste from wholesome ingredients. Baked with savory garlic and Parmesan flavors, these thin and crunchy snacks are baked with a light, savory garlic flavor for big flavor in a small snack. Try with hummus, cheese, and all your favorite dips. The just right baked flavor is also a satisfying crunch all by itself. Since 2004, Pretzel Crisps have been a modern twist on an old favorite. Pretzel Crisps are the best part of the pretzel - thin and flavorful with the crunch you love. They're dippable, spreadable, and deliciously snackable. With great gourmet taste from wholesome ingredients, it's the perfect snack anytime!