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Smartfood Caramel & Cheddar Mix Flavored Popcorn 7 Oz Bag

SKU 641805433
by Walmart
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Brand: Smartfood

Smartfood first hit shelves in 1985 with a very smart idea: to create great tasting, ready-to-eat popcorn with quality ingredients. Today, you may know us for our notorious little black bag of White Cheddar deliciousness, but we also make a lineup of other air-popped flavors, ranging from Movie Theater Butter to Hot Buffalo and Sour Cream & Onion. And our SMART50 line brings the great taste of SMARTFOOD at 50 calories per cup or less. Who comes up with these flavors? Geniuses, that's who. After all, smart is in our name. Caramel and cheddar, sitting in a tree? Air-popped popcorn that mixes the flavors of both sweet caramel and cheddar cheese. Caramel and cheddar together is genius. Remember, smart is in our name.

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