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Showboat Pork & Beans In Tomato Sauce Canned Beans With Pork 53 Oz

SKU 19593710
by Walmart
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Brand: Showboat

Showboat Pork and Beans are a tasty addition to your kitchen pantry. Showboat Pork and Beans feature a good source of fiber recipe. There are 130 calories per serving to make it easy to add to your well-managed diet. This product is low fat and cholesterol free. It's a good source of iron for added nutrition with 7g of protein (9% DV). The best thing about Showboat Pork and Beans isn't what they are by themselves, but what you can turn them into on your own. This combination of hearty beans and pork in a sweet tomato sauce is customizable to complement your menu.

At Bush's, we're a bunch of bean believers. For generations, our family has been committed to celebrating, innovating and deliciousifying this beautiful legume. Because to us, beans aren't just tasty. They're wholesome, powerful and truly sustainable - and we believe they can change the world. We're on a mission to share that goodness with you, using only the best beans and ingredients while giving back to our employees and communities. It's a passion and commitment that's transcended generations, cultures and cuisines. And there's nothing more beautiful than that.

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