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Rid-X Professional Septic Treatment, 1 Month Supply Of Powder, 9.8Oz

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by Walmart
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Brand: Rid-X

From the #1 Brand in septic system treatment, RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Powder helps prevent septic backups by continuously breaking down household waste. RID-X helps maintain a healthy balance of septic bacteria throughout the year in order to prevent expensive septic backups. The natural bacteria and advanced enzymes start working immediately to break down paper, protein, oils grease. RID-X is natural safe for pipes and septic systems. Always remember to use RID-X once per month along with regular pumping. 9.8 oz is 1 monthly dose for septic tanks up to 1500 gallons. To use, simply pour powder down the toilet and flush. Based on national Nielsen sales data. Along with occasional pumping.

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