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We expect all orders to be delivered between 8am-noon, February 2nd.
We expect all orders to be delivered between 8am-noon, February 2nd.

Raid Fly Ribbons, 10 Count

SKU 28924113
by Walmart
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Brand: Raid

For decades, Raid has been the most trusted and well-known brand in pest control, providing some of the best wasp traps, bee traps, indoor fly traps for house flies, and more. With no pollution, fumes, or chemical odor, the Raid Fly Ribbon makes it easy to take care of annoying issues. Good for outdoor or indoor use, the strips trap flying insects quickly, preventing them from bothering you or your family. The Fly Ribbon is practical for busy areas in your home and hangs readily to eliminate unwanted pests. The catchers are also safe for use around pets and children. The outdoor/indoor bug trap attracts and captures most fruit flies, house flies, moths, and other flying insects. Each ribbon fly tape is pre-baited with a food-based lure instead of pesticides or poisons. Each ribbon can last up to 3 months, but feel free to replace the trap immediately once you see it's full. Traps are completely disposable so you won't have to worry after it gets nasty with all the captured flies. To use the RAID Fly Ribbon Trap: Warm the tube in your hands if it is cold to facilitate the removal of the ribbon. Remove the thumbtack and place it in a secure position for later use. Hold the red loop and pull down the tube slowly with a twirling motion until the ribbon is fully exposed. Hang the ribbon by placing a thumbtack through the red loop and place it anywhere flies are a nuisance.

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