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Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, 170 Cnt

by Walmart
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Q-tips cotton swabs have a wide variety of uses including beauty, applying/removing/touching-up cosmetics, household cleaning, arts and crafts, pet care, baby care, cleaning collectibles, painting, car detailing, model building, first aid, and more. Use Q-tips cotton swabs for all your beauty needs; get every detail right, from your nails, to your lips, to your face. Perfect for touching up nail polish, lipstick and lip gloss, eye liner, and DIY projects like manicures. Q-tips cotton swabs are great for cleaning electronics, dusting between the keys on computer keyboards, and cleaning out phone ports; they can also help keep you safe from battery corrosion on motherboards and hard drives. Q-tips are handy for arts and crafts projects; DIY with Q-tips, apply glue to models, build your own creations, or paint without brushes; Q-tips are great for adult lifehacks too, like DIY nail art, or getting zippers unstuck. Q-tips are delicate enough for sensitive jobs like baby and pet care; cean around your newborn's belly button, between your baby's toes, or around your baby's nose; pets need gentle care too - don't forget your cats and dogs. Q-tips are ideal for cleaning hard to reach places; use them to dust air vents, detail your car, or to clean ceramics and pottery; Q-tips are delicate enough for cleaning collectibles and jewelry