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President Cheese Crumbled Fat Free Feta Cheese 6 Oz

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by Walmart
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Brand: President

President 6oz Fat Free Crumbled Feta The ultimate cheese for salads, President Feta Crumbles have a firm texture and salty flavor that brings out the best in bright summer dishes. It is the perfect selection to spruce up any outdoor get-together. Cheesemaking is an ancient art form. There are recorded references to Feta within Homer’s Odyssey, written around 8th Century BC. While it may no longer be crafted in the cave of a Cyclops, its fresh saltiness still remains a distinct quality. No matter the occasion, the Président brand offers a variety of Feta options and always delivers delicious, fresh taste with a crumbly yet creamy texture. Sprinkle it on top of a salad or pizza, include it in a pasta sauce or pair it with sweet fruit for an added layer of flavor.

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