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Allens Popeye Spinach Canned Vegetables 13.5 Oz

SKU 10312200
by Walmart
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Brand: Popeye

Allens Popeye Spinach packages the highest-quality spinach, grown from hardworking and trustworthy farmers to deliver only the best for you. This canned spinach comes ready for you to season your way for a nutritious and delicious dish just for you. Ready to heat and eat, canned farm fresh spinach makes a delicious side dish without wasting even a minute. No washing or cooking required. Vitamin-rich greens are also made without saturated fat or cholesterol, making them an ideal, all-natural option for Southern style dinners. Whether you're making main dishes or traditional dinner sides, canned spinach leaves are the perfect accompaniment to a traditional Southern meal and an ideal ingredient in your favorite casseroles, soups and stews. Use these gluten free greens to make quick garlic spinach, creamy spinach sauce, or cheesy spinach dip. Allens Popeye canned vegetables help bring something delicious and nutritious to the dinner table.

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