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From Walmart

Oi! Toasted Sesame Oil 250 Ml



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Hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, kebabs - don't be surprised if you end up using your Lynx Professional 36 in. Built-In Grill with Rotisserie like crazy this summer. The heli-arc welded steel eliminates gaps where moisture and grease tend to build up, and the hand-polished, mirror-edged finish is sleek as can be. The hood assist kit has a fluid rotation handle, and the hot surface ignitions system uses a direct element for quick, even heating. There's also a two-position internal rotisserie with a tough-as-nails three-speed motor and infrared burner, plus a removable large-capacity smoker box. And no daylight' No problem. Lynx's signature blue LED lights illuminate the control knobs, while a halogen bulb lights up the grill surface. And feel free to explore your options with this grill - there's a ton. Choose liquid propane or natural gas models. Then choose all cast brass burners, all ProSear 2 burners, or one ProSear 2 burner. The cast brass burners radiate and hold high temperature (even in windy conditions), and Lynx's premium ProSear 2 burners feature variable temperature control, so everything from steak to scallops get seared perfectly. About Lynx Professional Grills When it began in 1996, Lynx Professional Grills was committed to offering grills that elevated the outdoor cooking experience to new levels. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings to a full range of outdoor living products, including side burners, cocktail stations, refrigerators, anOi! Toasted Sesame Oil is a flavorful finishing oil. With a smoke point of 350° F, it is best suited for low-heat cooking. Consider finishing your soups, noodle or rice dishes with a light drizzle of oil after the heat's been turned off. It's also ideal for creating unique salad dressings, marinades and sauces. Sesame oil is a must-have for creating home-cooked versions of your favorite Asian-inspired dishes. From expeller-pressed toasted sesame seeds, Oi! Toasted Sesame Oil is always 100% natural and never produced with any chemicals. Created by your friends at Chosen Foods.

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EasyBins is a grocery delivery service that allows you to shop the largest assortment of items in a single delivery. With EasyBins you can shop multiple stores at once with all of your items delivered to your doorstep in a temperature controlled bin.


When do you deliver?

EasyBins delivers twice daily. Order by noon for a 6PM delivery, or 10PM for a 6AM delivery.

How do you make money?

There is a built in margin on every item. Similar to grocery stores our margins change based on the item. Our average margin per bin is $9.

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Put the bin back on your porch and we’ll pick it up within 24 hours.

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