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Minute Maid Premium Fruit Punch 1.8 Quart 59 Fl. Oz.

by Walmart
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Pasteurized. Oranges are mad it tastes as good as they do. 100% pure squeezed. Never from concentrate. 100% pure squeezed, pure squeezed, Minute Maid, no pulp, never from concentrate, pasteurized 100% orange juice. Gently pasteurized. Put Good In. Get Good Out. Recycling programs for this carton may not exist in your area. Visit to learn more. 5% juice blend. A blend of grape, pineapple, pear and apple juices from concentrate and other ingredients. Minute Maid, official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic team USA. No preservatives added. You can taste and feel these words in every drop of Minute Maid. We fill every glass with the delicious, refreshing goodness you have come to expect from us. All because when it comes to life, we believe what you believe. The effort you put in is equal to the good you get out. Our quality promise assures your satisfaction. We guarantee it. Consumer information call 1-800-888-6488. ©2011 The Coca-Cola Company.

Enjoy a cold glass of Minute Maid Premium Fruit Punch to quench your thirst. This product is full of flavor that can be enjoyed during any part of the day. The Minute Maid fruit punch can accompany breakfast, be sipped on for lunch or enjoyed with dinner. It has a taste that can be appreciated by people of all ages, from young kids to adults. It comes in a container that is 1.8 quarts or 59 fl oz and has a top that can be easily twisted off. It will make a tasty addition to your fridge.