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Margherita Pepperoni Slices 16 Oz

SKU 201207407
by Walmart
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Brand: Margherita

Margherita Pepperoni Slices are masterfully seasoned to give authentic Italian flavor to pepperoni pizza, salads, pasta dishes and more. Slow curing gives these mild Italian pepperoni slices time to develop savory flavor and tender texture, giving your appetizers and entrees delicious taste. Available in small, round, ready to eat slices, this deli meat is just the right size to enjoy straight out of the package as an afternoon or late-night snack. Stack these deli pepperoni slices onto a platter of cheese and crackers for a simple charcuterie board, or toss a handful of slices into an antipasto salad for a hearty meal. Whether thin crust or deep dish is your favorite, these pepperoni slices make the perfect pizza toppings for mouth-pleasing flavor. A resealable package protects this sliced pepperoni in the fridge and provides easy access for fast meal prep. For true Italian taste, choose Margherita.

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