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Mainstays Glass Jar With Locking Lid

by Walmart
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Store flour, sugar, coffee, and other staples on your kitchen countertop in this all-purpose Mainstays Glass Jar with Locking Lid. It is ideal for keeping food items in your pantry neatly organized while making your items easy to find when needed. This functional glass jar features an attractive design with an attached glass lid that locks tight to seal in freshness. It has a durable structure that can withstand exposure to the refrigerator or freezer, and it is also dishwasher safe. Great for using as a cookie jar, storage for candy or popcorn, or use as attractive canisters on your counter. It™s also perfect for organization of miscellaneous small craft items or toys. The clear glass makes the contents inside easy to see. Organize your kitchen with the Mainstays Glass Jar with Locking Lid.

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