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M&M'S Pretzel Chocolate Candy Family Size 15.4 oz. Bag

by Walmart
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M&M's Pretzel Chocolate Candies, 15.4 Oz.

Made with a crunchy, salty pretzel center coated in rich milk chocolate and a colorful candy shell, each bite of Pretzel M&M'S Candy is full of flavor and crunch. These bite-sized chocolate candies make great to-go treats, add-ins for baking and gift baskets. Perfect for parties and celebrations of all kinds, these tasty candies are sure to delight friends and family. Take these pretzel-filled chocolates with you on the go or pass a pack around during study breaks. Stock up with this resealable bag and keep fresh M&M'S Pretzel Chocolate Candy on hand for birthday parties, neighborhood get-togethers or movie night. Don™t forget to save some for yourself; these chocolate treats are a delightful way to wind down at the end of the day. Add a dash of fun and brighten up your favorite cookie or brownie recipes by mixing in M&M™S Chocolates. Best of all, these crunchy candies are easy to share with friends. Add colorful fun to your next celebration with M&M'S Pretzel Chocolate Candy.