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Lifeway Kefir Plain Low-Fat Milk Protein Probiotic Drink 32 fl oz

by Walmart
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Rich in calcium. Naturally cultured. *Our farmers' pledge: we only use milk free from rBST and rBGH and is GMO free. Grade A. Please recycle. Gluten free. No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST/rBGH treated and non-rBST/rBGH treated cows. No artificial sweeteners. Visit our virtual smoothie bar to customize your own kefir creation. Lifeway origin. The Lifeway story began with a real belief in

Lifeway Plain Milk Kefir is a delicious and nutritious premier protein drink that's ideal for breakfast or a mid-meal snack. Kefir is a tart, tangy and creamy milk smoothie that contains live and active probiotic cultures. It's also a high-protein drink and a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Refreshing and bubbly, Kefir nutrition drinks have been popular in Eastern Europe for more than 200 years. The cultures are introduced after pasteurization to ensure their purity and health. So make Kefir part of your breakfast essentials. High in protein and packed with aligned probiotics, it's the perfect daily boost drink. Start each day at your healthiest. Try protein drinks from Kefir to discover the benefits for yourself.