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Land O'Frost Premium Honey Ham, 1 Lb.


This Land O' Frost Premium Honey Ham, 16 oz makes an excellent addition to any refrigerator. Use it to make ham sandwiches or serve it to guests on a meat and cheese appetizer tray at your next get together. This boneless honey ham is lean, making it a healthful choice. It's fully cooked, so there's no work involved for you. Enjoy it straight out of the packaging. This package of fully cooked honey ham weighs 16 oz and comes in a handy double-zipped pouch that's easy to open and close.Land O' Frost Premium Honey Ham, 16 oz: BonelessLean and fully cooked honey hamInspected and passed by U.S. Department of AgricultureDouble-zip stay-fresh pouch with easy open and closeUse for ham sandwiches, appetizer platters and more



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