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Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster For Dogs 2.75" L X 5.31" W X 5.9" H

by Petco
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Dog park, trail walk, or beach run - your dog comes with you everywhere, and there is always some dog poop to be picked up. The Tailgate Dumpster is designed for the dog owner on-the-go. The silicone holder attaches to the back of your vehicle with super strong magnets. This Kurgo doggy bags holder allows you to store your dog trash bags on the exterior of your car rather than in the car, or hanging it from the rear wiper blade. Once home, the dog bag holder detaches easily so you can dispose of the mess and move on to your next adventure!

Now you can store your dog's waste on the exterior of your car; two magnets are included on back of product for a strong hold

This product will only adhere to metal surfaces and will not work on aluminum or fiberglass; most bumpers and some large SUVs and trucks have rear doors made of fiberglass or aluminum

Makes it easy to transport pet poop bags; after a day at the park, simply drop the doggie bags in your Tailgate Dumpster; no need to "smell" up the interior of your car

Dog poop bags holder is made with 100% silicone

Simply rinse under warm water or throw poopbags dispenser in the dishwasher; dishwasher friendly

Product comes with a guaranteed hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty


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Weight.42 LB

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