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Hey NWA- Trader Joe's is available for a limited time only! - Click here to shop now.
Hey NWA- Trader Joe's is available for a limited time only! - Click here to shop now.

Kool-Aid Bursts Grape Artificially Flavored Soft Drink, 6 ct Pack, 6.75 fl oz Bottles

by Walmart
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Contains 0% juice. 1-800-367-9225. LTP. Please refer to code numbers on bottle or carton sleeve with all inquiries. Hey kids! Collect Kool-Aid man cards found on every Kool-Aid bursts package! Trade with your friends. See who can collect them all. Try one of these fun activities or make up your own! Visit Kool-Aid man at for fun facts and games! Bicycle knick-knacks. Insert cards into the spokes of your bicycle's wheel and take Kool-Aid man for a spin. Kool-Aid memory game. Collect 4 pairs of matching cards. Turn all of the cards over with Kool-Aid man face down. Take turns finding a match and see who has the best memory! Build a house of cards. How many layers can you make? ‚©Kraft Foods.

Kool-Aid artificially flavored Grape Bursts are a fun way to keep your kids hydrated all school year. Our ready-to-drink juice bottles make it easy to bring a tasty grape flavored juice with you anywhere. Quench your thirst with the refreshingly sweet flavor of grape. With 75% less total sugar than leading regular sodas, our juice boxes are a great choice for kids (this has product 5 grams of sugars; leading regular sodas have 23 grams of sugars per 6.75 fl. oz. serving). Enjoy a grape drink at home or in school lunches. Bring extra sweetness to your back to school supplies list with Kool-Aid. Each pack includes six squeezable bottles.