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Brussels Sprouts, 1 lb

Description Brussel Sprouts 1 lb (454 g) Microwaveable. Since 1924. High in vitamin C. Washed & ready to eat. Capurro Farms Brussel Sprouts are great steamed, grilled or in a soup. Growing vegetables for better health. Capurro Farms Cooking Corner Facts & Tips: High in vitamin C. Good source of folate. Fruits & veggies - more matters. Produce of USA. Microwave Cooking: Open zipper 1 inch. Cook on High for 5-6 minutes; until fork tender. If boiling or steaming, eliminate cooking odor by adding a 4 inch stalk of celery to water. Keep refrigerated. 1 lb (454 g) Moss Landing, CA 95039 877-EAT-URVG

Brussels Sprouts, 1 lb



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