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Great Value Fresh Seal Double Zipper Storage Bags, Gallon, 80 Count


Great Value Fresh Seal Double Zipper Bags are gallon-sized storage bags that offer you a convenient way to store a variety of items. Its fresh seal Snap 'n Click technology locks in freshness to keep your food fresh for a long time. Use it to shake all your salad ingredients and dressing together, or to make leftovers stay fresh and easy to find in your fridge. You can even directly defrost or reheat food in the microwave using this zipper bag. Make a quick disposable bag for frosting desserts by filling one of these bags with icing, sealing it and snipping off one of its corners. For additional versatility, you can keep everything like toys, school supplies and crafts clean, sorted and stored in these bags. It is easy to carry while traveling, and can help keep your toiletries, electronics and accessories organized and protected. Ensure your groceries and possessions stay fresh with these Great Value Fresh Seal Double Zipper Bags.

Microwave Instructions

For Defrosting and Reheating Foods: Place bag on a microwave safe plate or dish. Open bag at least 1 inch to vent. Use short microwave duration of 2 minutes or less. Use defrost or medium to low power setting, do not use high power. Do not overheat food (above 120°F) or bag may melt and break. Use caution when removing bag from microwave as contents and bag may be hot Bags are to be used for defrosting or reheating only. Not for roasting, baking, boiling or cooking of any kind.

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