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Great Value Cashew Halves And Pieces Lightly Salted 14 Oz

SKU 954812832
by Walmart
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Brand: Great Value

Great Value Lightly Salted Cashew Halves And Pieces Are A Flavor-Packed Crunchy Snack That Leaves You Feeling Satisfied. The Rich Cashews Are Roasted In Oil And Lightly Seasoned With Sea Salt, Creating A Go-To Snack That You Crave. Packed In A Convenient Can With A Pop-Off Lid, These Delicious Nuts Stay Fresh. The Kosher Cashews Have 50% Less Sodium Than Our Regular Cashew Halves And Pieces And 160 Calories Per One-Ounce Serving, So They Help To Fuel You Until Dinnertime And Help You Relax After A Long Day. Shake These Party Nuts Into A Snack Bowl And Serve Them When Friends Come Over Or Put The 14-Ounce Can Of Cashews In Any Easy-To-Reach Place Where You Can Grab The Roasted Nuts And Enjoy A Quick Handful. Great Value Lightly Salted Cashew Halves And Pieces Are A Healthy And Satisfying Snack To Reach For Any Time Of Day.

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