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Great Value Bowl Brush And Caddy

SKU 872552681
by Walmart
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Brand: Great Value

Our Great Value Bowl Brush and Caddy help keep bathrooms clean without scratching toilet bowls. The convenient, compact design of our bowl brush and caddy set will fit into small, out-of-the-way spaces, and the neutral color scheme will seamlessly compliment any bathroom decor. The brush caddy not only gives the brush a sanitary place to dry, but also ensures that you will know exactly where the brush is when you need it. Having a brush close at hand will make it easier for you to give your toilet a quick clean more easily. Plus, you will love how the long handle keeps your hands away from the toilet bowl while cleaning. By giving your toilet a quick scrub with our Great Value Bowl Brush and Caddy regularly, you can keep the number of harmful germs and bacteria to a minimum and make sure that your bathroom is always looking its best.

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