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Febreze Light Odor-Eliminating Fabric Refresher Lavender 27 Fl Oz

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by Walmart
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Brand: Febreze

Easy on scent, tough on stinks: Use Febreze LIGHT Fabric Refresher to eliminate odors with no heavy perfumes. Start freshening up those hard-to-wash fabrics like blankets, the couch, your carpet, and more. With a quick spray, you can give your home and wardrobe a refresh... leaving only an airy, delicate scent behind. With the fresh, woody scent of Febreze LIGHT Lavender, the world around you will go from "bleh" to "ahhhh" instantly. And it's easy to use: Just hang or hold up the item you want to freshen up, keep the bottle upright, give the trigger a full squeeze, and spray until damp... then let dry. Voila! Odors = gone. Soothing calm = found. Wish this subtle freshness would never end? Grab a Febreze LIGHT PLUG for always-on odor elimination that lasts.

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