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Now Two Delivery Schedules: Same Day - 6pm Today (order by noon) or 6am Tomorrow (order by 10pm)
Now Two Delivery Schedules: Same Day - 6pm Today (order by noon) or 6am Tomorrow (order by 10pm)

Evol Classic Single Meal Fire Grilled Steak 9.0-Ounce (8 Cnt)

from Walmart

Evol, flatbreads, Italian sausage & caramelized onion. Evol, pizzas, chicken, spanich & ricotta. Evol, burritos, bean & cheddar. Evol, burritos, chicken bean & rice. Evol, burritos, fire grilled steak frjtta. Taste rules. Frozen food doesn't have to taste frozen. Our products are made from chef-created recipes with real ingredients. Taste buds, rejoice! Meet our beef. Our fire-grilled steak comes from beef that scores the industry trifecta - the cows are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones and never fed any animal by-products. Better yet, the cows are sustainably and humanely raised by family farms who care about your food as much as you do, which is something to smile about. Learn more at Real sustainability. At Evol, we believe in leading change. We actively pursue eco-friendly packaging, responsible sourcing and sustainable business practices. Our ingredients and packaging are carefully selected from family farms and suppliers who are dedicated to sustainability, the humane treatment of animals and caring for the environment. We make all of our products from scratch in boulder, Colorado where recycling, composting, reducing and reusing are standards in our daily business. We are committed to doing good for people and planet. There's a lot to love about Evol. 100% Recyclable box. Made from 100% recycled paper board with a minimum of 35% post consumer recycled content. Please recycle this box. 100% Compostable & recyclable bowl. Mad