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Equate Beauty Cotton Rounds, 100 count

by Walmart
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Cotton Rounds are made from 100% pure cotton. Natural cotton is soft and absorbent, catering to all of your skin care needs.

Beauty Care:
Perfect for all of your cosmetic needs; the application of cleansers and astringents, and the removal of makeup and nail polish.

Baby Care:
Soft and gentle for cleaning a baby's delicate skin.

First Aid:
Pure for cleaning superficial cuts and scrapes and applying medication to skin.

Equate Beauty Cotton Rounds are the perfect addition to your makeup, skincare, or first-aid kit. Each package contains 100 soft, circular pads made from all-natural cotton. Use them to remove makeup and nail polish, apply cleansers, evenly distribute skin toner, treat minor wounds, and more. These pads are as tough as they are gentle, making them an excellent choice for cleaning your baby's delicate skin or applying topical medication to superficial abrasions and cuts. Embrace the supreme softness, absorbency, and versatility of our Equate Beauty Cotton Rounds today!

Equate Beauty understands that beauty isn't just skin deep. With a large selection of the latest beauty products Equate Beauty helps you be your best you.