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Dynasty Baby Corn Cut 15 Oz

SKU 10535554
by Walmart
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Brand: Dynasty

Dynasty Baby Corn is precut and ready to use in your favorite salads or stir fry. This is a great alternative for corn on the cob as these are much smaller and are easily consumable. This baby corn has a soft texture and also has a sweet and earthy flavor to it. Add it to stir fry or curry for not only garnish, but also for the sweet taste of delicious corn. You can also enjoy it by itself as a side dish to complement your main dishes. Mix it with potato salad, soups, and more. The contents are inside a durable container so it can withstand damage without compromising the baby corn inside. Dynasty is the leading brand of Asian specialty food ingredients sold in supermarkets and its line includes ingredients for Chinese, Thai, and other Southeast Asian cuisines so try these out and see if it matches your palette.

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