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Drumstick Lil' Drums Vanilla And Chocolate Sundae Cones, 12 Count

SKU 16224479
by Walmart
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Brand: Drumstick

Drumstick Lil' Drums Vanilla And Chocolate With Chocolatey Swirls Are Overflowing With Creaminess, Chocolate, And Crunch. Starting With A Crispy Sugar Cone, We Then Combine A Creamy Chocolate Or Vanilla Center With A Delicious Chocolatey Swirl And Topped With Peanuts – Creating A Snacking Experience Like No Other! These Frozen Snack Size Chocolate And Vanilla Sundae Cones Offer A Delicious Frozen Treat For The Entire Family. Plus, Each Vanilla And Chocolate Frozen Dessert Comes Individually Wrapped For Quick, Convenient Snacking.

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