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Dollar Shave Club Men's Razor Mixed Starter Shaving Kit Includes 1 Handle, 4-Blade Cartridge, And 6-Blade Cartridge 3 Count

SKU 832390919
by Walmart
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Brand: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club's grooming products were made with your skin and hair in mind, and as part of our mission to help guys look, feel, and smell their best. Introducing our latest way to try our razors: the Dollar Shave Club Mixed Starter Set. Containing a sturdy, gripped handle, and both a 6-Blade and a 4-Blade cartridge, this shaving kit for men has everything you need to tackle any hair situation. By giving both our blades a shaving test drive, you can find the shave that's right for you. Our 6-Blade Razor is perfect for tackling short and thin hair with its built-in trimmer blade, getting you a close, precise shave and noticeably smooth shave. It can get into any tricky nooks and crannies, like under a nose or up against a sideburn. Enter the comfort zone with the 4-Blade Razor, which sports optimally spaced razor blades that make it easy to rinse out, meaning you're free to tackle longer and coarse hair wherever it grows. Both of the cartridges in this pack are compatible with our weighty grip handle that ensures there are no slips or slides. Step up your shaving kit with our pre- and post-shave products: Member favorites Shave Butter and Post Shave Dew are the perfect pair to take this already amazing shave to the next level. Whatever you choose, our mission has always been simple: to make products that make your shaving routine as smooth as humanly possible.

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