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Diet Coke Soda Soft Drink, 12 fl oz, 8 Pack

by Walmart
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Caffeine content: 46mg/12 fl oz. Please recycle. Get rewarded @ A member of The Coca-Cola Bottlers Association, Atlanta, GA 30327. Low sodium. Code under cap. Enter online or txt to

Diet Coke it™s the one and only Diet Coke. your everyday hero. your deliciously fizzy go-to companion. the bubbly beverage you can count on. incredibly refreshing, always. each sip serves up the crisp taste you expect with zero sugar and zero calories. whenever you need it? it™s there. and get this: it™s been the real deal since 1982. that means whenever you grab a can, glass, or bottle, you know it™s the one you love. give your taste buds what they really want. because you can. and because it™s just that good. whether you™re looking for ice-cold refreshment to start your day or an afternoon flavor boost, Diet Coke has your back. it™s perky. and it pairs well with that gourmet vegan wrap you™re about to order, a cheeseburger, or pretty much anything. it™s an original. just like you.