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Diet Coke Caffeine Free Soda Soft Drink, 2 Liters

by Walmart
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Low sodium, 140mg or less per 355 ml (12 fl oz). Consumer information: call 1-800-438-2653. Please recycle. The Heart Truth logo is a trademark of HHS. Participation by Coca-Cola does not imply endorsement by HHS/NIH/NHLBI. Find code under cap. Enter code online or text to

Caffeine Free Diet Coke it™s the one and only Diet Coke but without the caffeine. your everyday hero. your deliciously fizzy go-to companion. the bubbly beverage you can count on. incredibly refreshing, always. each sip serves up the crisp taste you expect with zero caffeine, zero sugar and zero calories. whenever you need it? it™s there. and get this: it™s been the real deal since 1982. that means whenever you grab a can, glass, or bottle, you know it™s the one you love. give your taste buds what they really want. because you can. and because it™s just that good. whether you™re looking for ice-cold refreshment to start your day or an afternoon flavor boost, Diet Coke has your back. it™s perky. and it pairs well with that gourmet vegan wrap you™re about to order, a cheeseburger, or pretty much anything. it™s an original. just like you.